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DAVIES CRAIG COYOTE PLUMBING KIT FOR DAVIES CRAIG WATER PUMP (8860) The revolutionary EWP150 is now available in light weight aluminium bundled with our Digital Controller. Designed with the high-performance pro, sprint, tarmac, circuit and drag racer in mind this rugged Alloy electric water pump has AN-16 internal threads at inlet and outlet for neat, tight, dash fitting applications. All the same exciting features offered on the EWP150 are here on the street-smart alloy EWP. The LCD EWP & Fan Digital Controller is scientifically calibrated to manage the flow rate of engine coolant to lock onto a targeted engine temperature. EWP COMPONENTS HARDWARE BAG COMPONENTS Part # Description Qty Part # Description Qty 8160 EWP150 Alloy Short Kit 1 0513 Scotch Lock 1 18000 EWP & FAN Controller 1 0550 Ring Terminal 1 0415 Inline Adaptor 1 0574 Ring Terminal (Yellow) 1 8411 Wiring Harness (10A Fuse) 1 0613 Self Tap Screws 1 8510 Thin Rubber Sleeves 2 8414 Temp Sensor Assembly 1 8512 Hose Clamps 4 8530 EWP Hardware Bag 1 LCD EWP & FAN DIGITAL CONTROLLER - 12 & 24 VOLT Davies Craig Pty Ltd is very pleased to announce the arrival of the updated Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) EWP/Fan Digital Controller!This LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller (Part #8000) is Australian designed and as part of this Australian manufacturing company’s continuous improvement program this advanced Digital Controller boasts a suite of enhancements.These include:The prominent blue Liquid Crystal Display screen (pictured)Now suitable for all 12v & 24v electrical systems, with relevant displaysGenuine Thermometer, with coolant and targeted/set temp. displaysDiagnostic check & warm-up signalsNine (9) targeted/set coolant temperatures, 60C (140F) to 100C (212F)Flashing “EWP” logo signifying water pump in operationDavies Craig Thermatic Fan logo, circulating signifying fan in operationFlashing High & Low Voltage indicatorsLow & High Temp indicatorsAudible alarm - * if coolant temp doesn’t exceed 40ºC (104ºF) within 5 mins of start-up * when coolant temperature exceeds 10ºC (50ºF) of set/target * when coolant temperature exceeds 100ºC (212ºF)Above Set/Target Temperature indicator accompanies audible alarmTemperature Sensor short & open circuit indicatorsAutomatic time-out, EWP runs for 3 minutes or until engine temp has reduced to -10â—¦C (-14F) below set/targeted temp whichever occurs first.The updated Davies, Craig LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller (#8000) as an engine management component has undergone extensive research, development, vehicle and test centre scrutiny.The updated LCD Digital Controller how has two specific functions. This unique Controller will now manage the operation of the EWP by varying the speed of the EWP in response to the temperature of the engine and manage control of your electric engine fan. The Controller has a push-button on the facia panel that offers target temperatures, 60ºC (140°F) 65ºC (150°F) 70C (160°F) 75ºC (165°F) 80ºC (175°F) 85ºC (185°F) 90ºC (195°F) 95ºC (205°F). Generally, higher engine temperature will offer improved fuel efficiency and lower engine temperature more power. The LCD Digital Controller will now operate the engine’s electric fan automatically once the engine has reached +3c above the target temperature. A significant benefit too is the Controller allows the EWP to run on after ignition shutdown to reduce heat soak. It is recommended that engine operational temperatures be checked with manufacturer.The LCD Digital Controller can be used with our EBP however it is not recommended as it will not vary the speed of the pump in response to temperature but rather simply turn the pump on and off once the top end temperature is reached. For a far more economical & appropriate solution, we would recommend Part Number 0401 & 0444 to turn the EBP on and off at your set temp.*Note: This controller (Part No. 8000) is set up for negativley earthed systems however with a wiring adjustment, can also handle positive earthed systems.

Length 16.000000
Width 8.000000
Height 5.000000
Weight 4.000000
Brand Davies Craig
Part Type Water Pump Plumbing Kit
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