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9-26-2012 Custom Cams for positive displacement supercharged 6.2 liter engines have been added to the website!


9-22-2012 LS9 spring kits are now available!  We're very proud to be the first to market with a spring kit made specifically for the new LS9 cylinder heads.  The stock LS9 heads feature titanium intake valves with lashcaps which required GM to move the lock grooves down on the valves.

9-17-2012 Patrick Dao makes 660 rwhp with his CTS-V using the BTR PDS Stg II cam, full buildup details can be found here:

9-15-2012 Anthony Peck wins Holly LS Fest True Street Class running consistent 8.50's followed by running a 8.31 @ 166 in testing!  He's running a 402 with a set of BTR TFS 235 heads featuring powdered metal guides for use with stock rockers, BTR Platinum spring kit and LS3 intake valves turned down to fit.  He's also running a BTR custom hydraulic roller cam with LS7 lifters.  His intake of choice is the Edelbrock Pro Flo.


7-01-2012  Super Chevy makes over 600 hp using BTR Platinum Spring kit!  More info here: