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TCI FLEXPLATE - LS1 TO 4L80E - 399754

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TCI FLEXPLATE - LS1 TO 4L80E - 399754

Heavy-duty flexplate made from A36 steel avoids cracking & high RPM ring gear failure Flexplates are an often overlooked component in race and high performance street car drivetrains. TCI® announces the release of its new high performance flexplate made specifically to link any of the popular GM LS Engines (LS1, -2, -6 & -7) to a GM 4L80E automatic transmission. This SFI-approved flexplate was engineered by TCI® to avoid cracking and ring gear breakage – common failure points of lesser quality flexplates under the strains of high rpm usage. This new TCI® Flexplate is the first to incorporate the “wide bolt pattern” style torque converter used with the GM 4L80E transmission. When compared to the popular GM 4L60E transmission, the GM 4L80E is better suited to handle the high torque levels found in today’s street performance and race vehicles. To ensure the new TCI® Flexplate was equally as strong as the transmission, the TCI® design engineers made them 0.067-inch thicker than the stock flexplate from precision-ground A36 steel plate to deliver years of reliable service. In addition, each flexplate is dynamically balanced to eliminate potentially damaging vibrations and electro-coated black for protection from the elements.

Brand TCI
Part Type Flexplate
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